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“Elaine has worked with me for over eleven years. Recently she has helped me to develop my brand and marketing by delivering a constant and focused message to our customers old and new.

Elaine has always worked with me on a very professional basis and completely understands what is required to move our business forward.”

Paul Donno, Director - 1 Accounts Online Ltd

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“Everyone is not your customer” Seth Godin

Target marketing involves knowing and understanding who the customers are that will buy your products/services and how to reach them. You will need to consider demographics to identify who they are and where they are located; psychographics to recognise why they buy and behaviours to understand how they behave.

Focus, focus, focus…

Target marketing is a fundament requirement for effective marketing. Marketing to the masses is expensive, time consuming and generally ineffective.

Focussing on a target market allows your marketing communications to be highly relevant to that sector and helps to differentiate you from your competitors.

Knowing who your customers/prospects are and understanding them is vital to adding value, building customer loyalty and gaining customer referrals. By starting to think like a customer/prospect, getting to grips with what is going on inside their head, knowing what they need and want - you can then give it to them. #result

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