More bang for your buck!

In today’s operating environment there is no excuse for not measuring the success of your marketing activity and assessing how well it is aligning with your overall business objectives.

We can help you get the best from the many tools available to track performance across all marketing channels.

A goal and a success metric can be defined for every marketing activity that you undertake.

Quality not quantity

As with so many things in life quality wins over quantity. Forget the vanity metrics, like the number of sessions on your website; you are looking for business outcomes, hard numbers such as how many leads are being generated per month.

“What gets measured, gets managed” (Peter Drucker)

These are just some of the tools available to measure your marketing:

Google Analytics – for a greater insight into the performance of your website, including which pages are the most engaging, how much of your traffic come from mobile vs desktop, how many visitors arrive via search compared to referrals or direct.

Call tracking numbers – track phone calls with the use of a unique number for each of your marketing channels, who called, when and for how long.

Email Reports – understand who opened, who bounced, who unsubscribed, who clicked and on what link.

Twitter Analytics – get to grips with your exposure and levels of engagement; understand what content works best.

Facebook Insights – for a detailed analysis of the activity on your page, from reach to engagement.

YouTube Analytics – discover where in the world your views are coming from, the playback locations for your videos and how well people are engaging with your content.


“Elaine has worked with me for over eleven years. Recently she has helped me to develop my brand and marketing by delivering a constant and focused message to our customers old and new.

Elaine has always worked with me on a very professional basis and completely understands what is required to move our business forward.”

Paul Donno, Director - 1 Accounts Online Ltd

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