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“Elaine has worked with me for over eleven years. Recently she has helped me to develop my brand and marketing by delivering a constant and focused message to our customers old and new.

Elaine has always worked with me on a very professional basis and completely understands what is required to move our business forward.”

Paul Donno, Director - 1 Accounts Online Ltd

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‘Take over’ the Jones’s

A competitor analysis assesses the competitors who operate within your existing market or proposed market. It entails a detailed review of your competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses; the threats and opportunities that they may pose for your business; how they market themselves; the message they communicate to the market and their positioning and the different tactical marketing activities they use to promote their business.

Knowledge is power

A thorough competitor analysis provides a real insight into your market. It can help you to fine tune your own marketing message and positioning – enabling you to identify and articulate just what it is that makes you different from your competition.

This detailed evaluation of your competitors enables you to make more informed decisions with regard to your own marketing strategy and to anticipate your competitors’ future strategies.

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