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Keeping up to date with the fast evolving world of marketing is something that we take very seriously. If we don’t keep abreast of all the new shiny gizmos how can we ensure we are doing the best possible job for our clients?

We will use the blog as a place to comment on the hottest marketing concepts - from the newest social media platform to the latest thinking on SEO. This will be where we share our marketing expertise and love for all things marketing. And of course where we will have the occasional rant (or perhaps that should be bleat!)

Our very own Marketing Soapbox!

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‍‍‍‍‍‍Are you fed up with Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, hot cross buns and images of happy families tucking into succulent lamb roasts? And it isn’t even Easter yet! Welcome to the world of event marketing.

From TV ads to print, social media to outdoor media – everywhere you look you are reminded of the occasion.

Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter – these are all events that come around every year and present companies with the ideal opportunity to kick their marketing into overdrive.


‍‍‍Who's fed up of Easter E‍‍‍ggs?

Is‍‍‍ it time to outsource your marketing?

Marketing can often be misunderstood.

Many companies recognise they need a new website, or to send out email campaigns or increase their presence on social media.  These are all valid marketing activities however they are tactical activities. Before you start with the tactics you need to address the strategy.  If you haven’t given any strategic thought to who your target market is and why they should buy from you your marketing activities will very likely fail to deliver the desired results.


I cannot believe that I am already in the sixth month of my apprenticeship, the time has gone so quickly! I recently went back and read over my last apprenticeship blog post (http://www.flipflopmarketing.co.uk/blog-digital-marketing-apprentice) which was written as I was nearing the end of my first month at FlipFlop Marketing. Although it doesn’t seem that long ago, so much has changed since then.

I spent my first days at the 3aaa Academy in November.  Since then I attend the Academy about once a month to complete various units towards my Level 3 qualification.


National Apprenticeship Week - Yasmin's Journey So Far

Who, What, Where? - The Principles of Marketing

Are you one of those people who think marketing works better for some businesses than others? Well without wishing to be too controversial, we beg to differ! No matter what business you are in, what industry sector you fall into or what product or service you offer, the principles of marketing will be the same.

Target Market

Who are you targeting? Your target market is the audience you want to be speaking to and the people that will be likely to need or want your product/service.


Who, What, Where? = Principles of Marketing Blog Image

Everyone has different opinions of how soon is “too soon” when it comes to Christmas. Some people start to get excited for the run up to Christmas as soon as autumn arrives, whereas others don’t even want to think about the big “C” word until December comes around.

Regardless of where you stand with it, one thing we all may be starting to notice are the Christmas adverts that are beginning to grace our TV screens. One advert that has caught our eye in particular is M&S’s “Paddington and the Christmas visitor”.


‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Paddington - The Power of Emotion in Marketing

‍‍‍Social Media Str‍‍‍ipped - Our Favourites

For a lot of people, the social media oldies would have included platforms such as MySpace, YouTube and Bebo. Oh, how to go back to the days where your biggest worries were who to have on your top 16 Bebo friends and the betrayal of your friends beginning to leave Bebo for Facebook!

Beyond the “noughties” nostalgia, over the years we have seen social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest grace the internet.

Currently there are 3.03 billion active social media users around the globe with each user averaging 7.6 different accounts.