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Easter Event Marketing

Who's fed up of Easter Eggs?

Are you fed up with Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, hot cross buns and images of happy families tucking into succulent lamb roasts? And it isn’t even Easter yet! Welcome to the world of event marketing.

From TV ads to print, social media to outdoor media – everywhere you look you are reminded of the occasion.

Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter – these are all events that come around every year and present companies with the ideal opportunity to kick their marketing into overdrive.

From an advertisers perspective is it worth jumping on the bandwagon or are you just competing in a very crowded market place?

The main reasons for Event Marketing

Businesses can participate in event marketing for a variety of reasons but typically there is common ground:-

Branding and Awareness – One of the primary reasons for a business to participate in event marketing is to build their brand and create awareness. Occasions are the prime time for businesses to get their name out there. Unless you are involved, it could be easy to find yourself hidden behind your competitors who are getting creative in expressing their ideas.

Lead Generation – Apart from raising your profile another key objective from event marketing is to generate leads. If you are not generating a return on investment then you are wasting time and money.

Customer Engagement – Customers appreciate engagement. After all it is the positive experiences and interactions that build brand loyalty. Tailoring your marketing around a specific occasion can make your marketing more relevant and engaging.  

Education – You can use event marketing to educate your customers about what you do and the contribution you can add to an occasion.  

Successful Event Marketing

Like all marketing activities, there needs to be a robust strategy in place or you are more likely to fail to deliver the desired results. Remember, Market – Message – Media. With any marketing you need to have identified the target market you would like your campaign to be reaching. Next comes your message – a compelling reason why your customers should choose to buy from you.

Once those two steps have been defined you can look at media. What channels will you use to successfully reach the audience you are targeting? Is it a specific social media platform or will it be in printed form that will be distributed? Whether it is online or offline you need to know where to reach people in the most effective way.

As with anything, there are pros and cons associated with event marketing.  


Sense of Urgency – Centring your marketing on a specific occasion will automatically create a sense of urgency. The occasion will only last for so long, customers have to buy in that time frame. Your opportunities are time sensitive.

Receptive Buying – People are receptive to buying holiday or event related items. Whether they are treating themselves, other people or your product is simply what they need to hold an event of their own around the specific occasion. There will be more of a need for your product, for example – roast lamb is a traditional Easter favourite but is sold all year round.

Understanding Your Market – Whatever the results returned, good or bad, a campaign can provide valuable insight into understanding your market. Information on who is buying and when, what they are buying and where. Even if you did not reach your original target this data can be taken into consideration to improve future marketing campaigns.

Originality – Although businesses will be centring their marketing on the same occasion, there is still an opportunity for creativity and originality. Think John Lewis Christmas TV ad! Event marketing is the perfect opportunity to take something generalised and turn it into something original. Not only will your creativeness shine through it will also help build the personality behind your brand.


There are also negatives that can be associated with event marketing, these include:

Cost – The laws of supply and demand kick in. The cost of promotion may increase, a great example of this is the Super Bowl. It is not always true to say that the more you invest in a campaign the better the results will be. Some creative thinking can provide a very cost effective campaign.

Year-round Presence – It is important for your business to have a presence all year round with marketing. For most businesses event based marketing should be used to enhance your presence and not be the sole focus of it.

Relevance of Occasion – Not every occasion will be relevant to your business. There is no point in undertaking a marketing activity for the sake of it, there has to be a clear objective. You need to consider a campaign's value to the business and its contribution to the customer experience.

Standing Out – Whilst being creative with your campaign can make you stand out from the crowd, make sure you don’t stand out for the wrong reasons! The world of marketing is awash with examples of marketing madness.  

Other Opportunities

There is much more to event marketing than just focusing on occasions and holidays though. Looking out for what is currently happening in the news, what sporting events are coming up or any specific milestones occurring which might interest your target market. All of these can present opportunities – creating a need or want for something, which if tuned into could be the perfect chance for your business to step up.

You can also look at life events that are appropriate for B2C and B2B businesses. B2C customer opportunities may include further occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries or life events such as buying a new house or car. B2B businesses have their own opportunities such as changes in the workplace, new management, new product introductions or business expansions.

If you think event marketing could be beneficial to your business but are unsure of where to start when it comes to developing a strategy to get your business out there, we can help. You can contact us on 01440 710 158 to find out more today. Happy Easter!


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