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We have come up with 24 marketing tips and tricks that can help you with your marketing, not just in the run up to Christmas but at any time of the year.

  1. Start early - When you want to focus your marketing around a specific event start thinking about what you want to do and how you are going to do it a few months before hand. That way there is no last minute rush and you will have a clear vision of your ideas throughout your marketing campaign.
  2. Plan – Sounds simple enough but planning is important. If you do the first tip and start early you will have enough time to think everything through properly and develop a clear plan of action. In the words of Benjamin Franklin – ““By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
  3. Target Audience – Marketing to everyone is really not a smart idea.  Spend time identifying your target audience if you want your marketing to be more effective.  
  4. Solve a problem – How can you help your customer/prospect.  Understanding their “pain points” and how your product/services addresses them is crucial.
  5. Customer avatar – If you really want to connect with your target market then create a customer avatar.  Build a picture of who your customer is and make sure your marketing talks directly to them. For example you would communicate far differently with an affluent middle aged mum then you would a cash strapped pensioner or with a sole trader compared to a buyer in a multinational company.
  6. Message– Create a compelling reason why people should choose to buy from you rather than your competitors – focus on something that is of value to your prospects, is deliverable by you and different from what others have to offer.
  7. Timing – Make sure that whatever marketing activity you are doing, online or offline, that your timing is well thought through. There is little point in doing a door drop of a flyer promoting turkeys on Christmas Eve!
  8. Automate – Automating whatever you possibly can with your marketing will make it easier to “get stuff done”.  For example scheduling Tweets and Facebook posts is a much more efficient approach than having to remember to go in every day and post content.
  9. Deadlines – Set deadlines for when you want your marketing campaigns to be completed.  There is nothing like a deadline to keep you focussed.
  10. Routine – You will find it easier to move forward with your marketing if you make it part of your regular routine.  Setting aside chunks of time every week will ensure that marketing is not the last thing on the endless “To do” list.
  11. Pricing – Are you offering a new or existing product or service? Is it unique or do you have lots of competition. If you are thinking about offering a discount to encourage sales consider if it is really necessary?  Would people buy without a discount? How will a discount affect your bottom line?  What is the potential life time value of a customer? How does offering a discount align with your brand values and positioning?  Knowing your numbers is critical when it comes to pricing.
  12. Sense of Urgency – Creating a sense of urgency will encourage sales. Consider having limited offers on products with a stock counter on your website informing people of the actual figures of the remaining stock. If people feel they may miss out on a good deal or something that they really want, they will be more pressured to buy immediately rather than risk waiting.  Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a very powerful marketing strategy.
  13. Arrange your own event – Seminars, workshops, networking events, open days and coffee mornings are all great ways to meet customers and prospects face to face and to put your company centre stage.  
  14. Existing Customers – We all want new business but never forget your existing customers. Your longest standing customers and returning customers are loyal to you and should never be taken for granted.  
  15. Cater for the Procrastinators – When it comes to marketing around events if possible cater for those people who leave everything to the last minute.  Think about how you could win those last minute sales – delivery times are key around major events like Christmas.  If you can process orders quickly and meet tight deadlines you could be onto a winner.
  16. Be found – Make sure it is easy for your customers to find you online.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital.  It is not a dark art and there are some very simple activities that all business owners can do to improve their ranking on the search engines.  
  17. Emails – The mainstay of digital marketing, email campaigns can be a very efficient and cost effective way of staying in touch with your contacts. If the emails are well targeted and of value they will be well received. Remember quality over quantity when it comes to your list..
  18. Blog – Articles are ideal for communicating information about your product/service, to talk about a specific event or to provide useful tips and advice.  A lot of promotional media requires a short and sweet message but a blog post is meant to be lengthy, especially if it is going to add any value and contribute to your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  19. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube – whatever your preferred platform social media is a great way to create brand awareness and engage with your customers and prospects.
  20. Direct Mail – In our digital world the good old fashioned letter often gets overlooked. A well-constructed, well targeted direct mailshot can set you apart from the crowd.  If you think direct mail has had its day,  think again – it is a key part of Google’s marketing strategy and if it is good enough for Google…
  21. Offline Marketing Locations – If you are going to be partaking in any offline marketing activities such as advertising through leaflets or using outdoor signage and banners think carefully about location. Where does your target audience hang out? Start to think like a customer.  Considering customer behaviour and putting yourself in their shoes can be highly beneficial and really help to focus your marketing.
  22. Network – It is an ancient cliché but “people do business with people”.  Attending networking events enables you to have face to face conversations with real people and to start to build real relationships.  If you choose the right events it can be a hugely beneficial marketing activity for your business.
  23. Measurable – Make sure that you measure the success of any marketing that you are doing.  You need to see and understand what activities have been the most effective and what has not performed so well.  Tracking the performance of your marketing will provide useful feedback for future campaigns. There is little point in undertaking marketing when you cannot measure the return. Do not waste your time, your effort or your money!
  24. Have fun – Marketing should be fun and an activity that you look forward to doing.  Marketing gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers and prospects, to communicate what you stand for and you personality.  Marketing should never be dull and boring. If you think what you are doing is dull and boring what will your target market think?

So there you have it, our Christmas gift you - 24 marketing tips and tricks.  If you are looking for help with your marketing regardless of the time of year we can help. Contact us on 01440 710 158 today to discuss your ideas and find out how we can help to steer your business in the right direction.

They say as you get older Christmas loses its novelty. However, in the world of marketing that is definitely not the case. Marketing around Christmas time is full of opportunity and excitement.  Consumers and businesses are out to spend money.  All you need to do is to figure how to get them to spend some with you!

Our Christmas gift - 24 top marketing tips


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