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Readability has worked with FlipFlop Marketing since 2007 and during this time Elaine has caused a deep rooted change in my attitude to “mark‍‍‍et‍‍‍ing” – from sceptical to believer and now almost evangelic about the power of marketing!

Elaine understands how businesses work and offers practical, cost effective marketing advice and support to help our company grow.”

Chris Edney, Managing Director, Readability Ltd

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In today’s operating environment there is no excuse for not measuring the success of your marketing activity and assessing how well it is aligning with your overall business objectives.

We can help you get the best from the many tools available to track performance across all marketing channels.

A goal and a success metric can be defined for every marketing activity that you undertake... MORE >>

“Which way you ought to go depends on where you want to get to” (Lewis Carroll)






Market research involves collecting, analysing and interpreting information about a marketing challenge that your business is facing... MORE >>

The competitor analysis assesses the competitors who operate within your existing market or proposed market... MORE >>

Target marketing helps you understand who your target customers are and how best to reach them... MORE >>

A marketing strategy is a roadmap that details ideas you need to implement to get from where you are now to where you want to be... MORE >>


Outsourcing your marketing to a trusted, professional third party means that the tactical marketing activities required to implement your marketing strategy actually happen. Your marketing message gets delivered to the right people in the most appropriate way.

There are literally dozens of marketing activities that you can use in the execution of your marketing strategy. From writing blogs to sending out email campaigns, from Facebook advertising to creating printed newsletters.

We can help either directly or through our network of trusted partners who we know from first-hand experience have the required expertise to deliver results that will exceed your expectations... MORE >>

A detailed review of your current marketing strategy and activities to assess how they are working... MORE >>

A month by month guide to what marketing activity to undertake and when… MORE >>


Writing content for a website, email, newsletter, blog, text for a flyer, brochure or profile... MORE >>

Create a tangible piece of marketing communications and connect with your target market… MORE >>

Marketing activity carried out via electronic media that offers instant feedback and reporting… MORE >>

Manage, protect, enhance and build your reputation online and offline... MORE >>

Strategy and content creation to develop your online community and measure and refine the results… MORE >>


Practical marketing driven by business experience

FlipFlop Marketing creates practical marketing strategies founded on direct industry experience, across a diverse range of industry sectors including manufacturing, engineering, public sector, professional services and education.

The success which FlipFlop Marketing has delivered to clients across the East of England for the past 14 years, is based on understanding their businesses from an operational, financial and marketing perspective... MORE >>

Image of a easter bunny with nests full of easter eggs

Easter - Wh‍‍‍o Had it Cracked

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Royal Wedding Cupcake with Sparkler

Add the "Meghan Markle" to your marketing

With event marketing it is important to know whether it is worth the investment and to be sure that you are not ‍‍‍just jumping on the bandwagon in a crowded market place. MORE >>

Ahh, the British Royal Family - one that is known and loved both far and wide across the globe. But what do people love more than the Royal Family? A Royal Wedding, of course. MORE ‍‍‍>>

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